History of Virtually Tilted

I have been asked the question, why did you create Virtually Tilted? This page is here to answer that question, the process and the timeline of how this show was created.

In September of 2019, Dr. Kevin W. Tharp was looking for an opportunity to submit some of his work to a peer reviewed or juried exhibition. Tharp’s research for several years had focused on the use of Virtual Reality as a Pedagogical Tool, but in a way that did not require students to have access to the equipment required to enter VR.

Tharp had been working with Tilt Brush in conjunction with virtual cinematography techniques to bring materials he felt would be engaging to students as part of the content in his courses. Part of the research process requires academics to submit the results of their scholarship to venues where they can undergo peer review (sometimes called juried or refereed) by others who have similar focus.

After searching for such opportunities and failing to find any, Tharp brought it to the community of Tilt Brush Artists through the “Tilt Brush Artists” Facebook group. The community indicated that they were not aware of any such exhibitions, but had an interest in participating.

Seeing that there was an interest in participating in a peer reviewed exhibition, Tharp made a decision to run the show, as seen in this post from the same group.

The details were worked out and discussed in the group, and the initial call for submissions was posted on September 27, 2019. The original announcement was made on the website of the Digital Marketing Technology Research Journal as was the call for submissions. It was first marketed on the “Tilt Brush Artists” Facebook group and several other Tilt Brush and Virtual Reality groups.

Submissions closed on Oct. 10, 2019 with 17 submissions from around the world. The original submission form did not ask information about location or nationality of those submitting, but submissions came from across the globe.

Email was sent to each participant with a list of submissions to review along with links to the survey tool used to gather the data. Peer review closed on Oct. 16, 2019 and the data was collected and distributed to each participant on Oct. 18 prior to the launching of the exhibition website. http://virtuallytilted.kevinwtharp.com/

Of the 17 original submissions, 14 made the show for an acceptance rate of 82%.

The website was created on October 16 using WordPress and leveraging the use of embedded content to dynamically display the sketches submitted in a manner that allows the viewer to investigate the piece with 6 degrees of freedom from within their browser. The sketches can also be liked in Poly.google.com so they can be accessed by Tilt Brush Users so they can view the submissions in their original form within VR.

Awards were given for:

Best of Show: Gomesh Karnchanapayap – Cube of Enlightenment

Director’s Choice:

The Show was launched on Oct. 18, 2019, 1 month after the original post by Tharp to the “Tilt Brush Artists” community.

Dr. Tharp will be inviting some of the participants in the Exhibition to be a part of a special edition of the “Digital Marketing Technology Research Journal” in the late fall of 2019 or winter of 2020.