Edgar Barrios – Sheng Long

**Innovator** ((Director’s Choice Award)) Imagine that you are able to bring to life one of the most appreciated characters of your childhood. Imagine what it feels have it in front of you. That would be so awesome! This is exactly what happens to me when I am able to admire Sheng Long, the powerful dragon [...]

Garry Rone – Big Bass Chasing Lunch

**Innovator** Vision: Creating organic art for a digital world. I believe the world of computer-generated artwork has removed the organic, unrefined element in the majority of today’s art. With more than 3 decades of combining traditional artistry with computer tech in my profession, I embraced the chance to use this new medium to create new [...]

Carli Susu – Lotus Island

**Novice** My name is Carli Susu and I am a fledgling virtual reality artist. I trained as a theatre designer in London, England, at the renowned Central School of Art & Design. I believe that my background in set design, creating in 3d space, and the concept that the we are capable of limitless imagination, [...]

Laurie ONeill – Chinese Dragon

**Intermediate** ((Director’s Choice Award)) Chinese Dragon Chinese Dragon I have always loved glitter and sparkle, mythical creatures, and magic. When I was first introduced to Virtual Reality and TiltBrush a year ago, I spun in a circle creating a glowing 3D trail around me, and was immediately hooked, my mind spinning with the creative possibilities [...]

Jacki Clark – Angry Boris

**Intermediate** I am relatively new to VR drawing, although I was introduced to it about two years ago, I have only recently been able to acquire and set up my own equipment. My background is Fine Art and I am looking to develop my VR techniques and gain enough confidence to adapt to my own [...]

Gretchen Frith – Dance of Peace

**Intermediate** Dance of Peace I am just new to the Tilt Brush VR, I am a senior, 70 year old and I am a Painter. to begin with I was just playing around with the brushes to get a feel for this amazing technology. This medium is very exciting to work with, most of the [...]

Nicholi Noah – Lightsaber3D

**Intermediate** Immediately after experiencing Tilt Brush for the first time, I committed myself to capturing the experience on video as accurately as possible. My background is not in illustration or design, but video. I use a shuttle wheel instead or a brush, and would never consider myself an artist. However, as Tilt Brush immediately inspired [...]

Juliana Loh – Taiko Drummers of the North

**Novice** ((Director’s Choice Award)) My earliest memory of Taiko drumming is of my friend Claire. Early in the morning, she would assemble green RubberMade Garbage bins of different sizes. She would line them up in her garage from smallest to tallest and then bring out her grandmother’s stool to sit upon. Barely standing five feet [...]

Rosie Summers – My Reality

**Professional** As VR artists, we are world-builders, space-shifters, reality-makers. This piece called ‘My Reality’ was created to expose that world-building exponential power you feel as a creative in VR and the endless possibilities you have with the world as your canvas. After traditionally being trained as a fine artist, discovering VR for the first time [...]

Gomesh Karnchanapayap – Cube of Enlightenment

**Professional** ((Best of Show Award Winner)) This new media installation art is a result of experiment for a doctoral thesis, “The new paradigm of creating & experiencing enlightenment new media art through virtual reality”, on the suitability of Virtual Reality as simulacrum. Unlike other forms media, Virtual Reality allows fully immersive experience by virtually placing [...]

Olga Nabatova – Interactive Art for Museums

**Professional** Interactive Art For Museums New digital AR art layer that can be applied to posters and paintings can enhance marketing. Video I summited below shows how potential visitors walking by museum printed advertisement can scan the image and get more info about the painting. Eventually it can be done that they can click on [...]

Cabel Adams – Heartbreak of the Rodent Kind

**Intermediate** In “Heartbreak of the Rodent Kind” I set out to transform something disturbing by conveying emotions to beautify and humanize my piece. When looking at this painting I hope to communicate a strong emotional theme that screams all beings, big or small, creepy or beautiful, posses feelings too. This piece is a much smaller [...]

Denis Semenov – OK

**Professional** “OK” (Tilt Brush, poster 50×70). The work is from the series of “Post Reality” project about news headlines represented in artistic form through Tilt Brush. The project has an ironic take on some news, such as “Meet the New Official Hate Symbol: The “OK” Hand Gesture. It’s one of 36 new symbols added to [...]

Kevin W. Tharp – The Beast Watches the Map

**Innovator** The Beast Watches the Map. Vision: This sketch is meant to be menacing with the Beast overlooking a map containing trees that lock it out of the world that is the focus of the story. The Beast is a key character in the story “No Clue Here” which is being developed in Tilt Brush. [...]