Rosie Summers – My Reality


As VR artists, we are world-builders, space-shifters, reality-makers.

This piece called ‘My Reality’ was created to expose that world-building exponential power you feel as a creative in VR and the endless possibilities you have with the world as your canvas.

After traditionally being trained as a fine artist, discovering VR for the first time opened an avenue of creativeness that I had no idea existed and it blew me away. At last, I can live inside my imagination and bring concepts to life like never before. It honestly felt like magic.. my first time using Tilt Brush, and now nearly 4 years later, I have created this piece exhibiting those feelings; from my pose, the stars, to the controller representative of a wand, all conjuring that magical feeling.. we are sorcerers of new dimensions.

While being more drawn to emotions and human form in traditional mediums, I found VR inspired me to create landscapes for the first time, scenes, dioramas; piecing together the world around me. A lot of works I have created have been places I want to be and feel happy in, like sunsets, forests and waterfalls. Creating art has always been either an expression or an escape for me and with VR I can really break free and become absorbed in worlds of my own creation, which is an amazing concept.

So while this piece explores my reality, my intimate and personal connection to this powerful medium, I hope it resonates with all VR artists… These worlds are in our hands.

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