Olga Nabatova – Interactive Art for Museums

**Professional** Interactive Art For Museums

New digital AR art layer that can be applied to posters and paintings can enhance marketing.
Video I summited below shows how potential visitors walking by museum printed advertisement can scan the image and get more info about the painting. Eventually it can be done that they can click on the screen of their cell phones and get to the page where they can buy tickets to the art show.

When in the museum, Visitors can scan other paintings (which will be marked specifically for augmented reality ) get additional knowledge about paintings or artists or history.

I also propose to have virtual reality station in the art show where visitors using VR headset can immerse themselves into a painting or studio the artist and this experience can be interactive or just visual.

I created this showcase using new XR applications. With technical and the financial support it can be done that museum visitors be using the web browser on their phones , or google lens without downloading any apps

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