Laurie ONeill – Chinese Dragon

**Intermediate** ((Director’s Choice Award))

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon I have always loved glitter and sparkle, mythical creatures, and magic. When I was first introduced to Virtual Reality and TiltBrush a year ago, I spun in a circle creating a glowing 3D trail around me, and was immediately hooked, my mind spinning with the creative possibilities of this new medium. I knew that creating in VR had to be part of my future – it is the perfect way to bring all the crazy things in my imagination to life. I decided to make a Chinese dragon because I felt like this amazing magical creature could really be brought to life in 3D and fully utilize the sparkling particle effects available in Tiltbrush. Plus I have always been fascinated by dragons! I find that when making animals, it helps me to make a skeleton type model in Gravity Sketch first. I could do this directly in Tiltbrush, but I find it easier to import a model that I made in another application since I can pin it into place and easily remove it once the piece is finished. I like to experiment with unique ways to use the effects within Tiltbrush. For example, I used 5 brushes to make up a single dragon scale (hypercolor, wire, disco, streamers and fire). Then I made different color variations of that scale which I used throughout the piece to create the color patterns on the dragon. I had originally planned to make a more elaborate scene for him, but found that everything I tried to add took away from the dragon himself, so I decided to let him stand alone on a simple base. I hope you will enjoy viewing this dragon as much as I enjoyed making him! Laurie O’Neill – Willowmoon8

Director's Choice

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