Kevin W. Tharp – The Beast Watches the Map


The Beast Watches the Map.

Vision: This sketch is meant to be menacing with the Beast overlooking a map containing trees that lock it out of the world that is the focus of the story.

The Beast is a key character in the story “No Clue Here” which is being developed in Tilt Brush. The beast represents the unknown antagonist. In the story Phan, the protagonist, is on a quest to restore magic to the people. The map features trees which serve as conduits of magic and locks that keep the Beast from waging war with the people of Phan’s world.

The blue orb in the center is a magical amulet that was found by the protagonist Phan. The orb allows the release of magic back to the people when it is used to destroy the trees. What Phan does not know is the destruction of the trees also gives magic to the Beast and unlocks the portal back to the world where the people had sacrificed their magic to lock out the Beast. At the design scale, each tree is approximately 6 feet tall. When viewed in virtual reality, the sketch is meant to be menacing and massive, overlooking a map that is itself massive in scale.

There is also an accompanying video that uses sketch playback, audio responsive brushes, and virtual cinematography to animate the drawing of the map and the Beast.

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