Gretchen Frith – Dance of Peace


Dance of Peace I am just new to the Tilt Brush VR, I am a senior, 70 year old and I am a Painter. to begin with I was just playing around with the brushes to get a feel for this amazing technology. This medium is very exciting to work with, most of the Dance of Peace is done in the wire brush, I experimented with colour a lot, how many shades of white are there? This is a three part project as it toke me three days to complete and assemble all of the portions. The ballerina is a pre-made poly item , by Frank Corroy, and I have used the smoke brush and dots brush to highlight the zen pattern around the dancer. as I was joining all of the sections together, I kept seeing more areas where there could be patterns include in this Lacey web around the Ballerina. Finally I am getting more comfortable with Tilt Brush, I will try to learn to use some of the Techniques that I see other Tilt Brush users use, and it will be so much fun.

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