Garry Rone – Big Bass Chasing Lunch


Vision: Creating organic art for a digital world.
I believe the world of computer-generated artwork has removed the organic, unrefined element in the majority of today’s art. With more than 3 decades of combining traditional artistry with computer tech in my profession, I embraced the chance to use this new medium to create new art in a classic way – but in a virtual space. I tend to keep my brushes used to a minimum, and try to go for a more traditional approach to my work. I only start a piece after I have pondered the concept and details in my mind for several days or longer, and sketched out my thoughts. This helps me be efficient when working in VR, even though I have found my ability to work continuously in a virtual environment longer than most people.

This piece is born from my love of wildlife & outdoors. An artist is best at interpreting what they know, and this falls right in line with a good amount of my other work. I tried to add some movement, some action. I tried to purposely stay away from too many unrealistic colors and showcase the dimension capable with this new medium.

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