Edgar Barrios – Sheng Long

**Innovator** ((Director’s Choice Award))

Imagine that you are able to bring to life one of the most appreciated characters of your childhood. Imagine what it feels have it in front of you. That would be so awesome! This is exactly what happens to me when I am able to admire Sheng Long, the powerful dragon from the anime Dragon Ball, which can make one of your wishes come true. The sensation is magical, and I am sure, whoever is a fan of Dragon Ball, will feel the same.

Creating this dragon has been an amazing experience, full of teachings to improve my skills using Tilt Brush. Of course I used a reference image, but that´s it. Beginning with some quick sketches to draw a wire skeleton to give the perfect form. This creation was made with the Oculus Quest version of Tilt Brush, something that surprises me because of the limitations the Quest has.

Director's Choice

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