Carli Susu – Lotus Island


My name is Carli Susu and I am a fledgling virtual reality artist. I trained as a theatre designer in London, England, at the renowned Central School of Art & Design. I believe that my background in set design, creating in 3d space, and the concept that the we are capable of limitless imagination, fits perfectly with my new passion for VR art.
I currently live, in what many consider to be one of the most creative, cutting edge cities in the UK, Brighton, and divide my time between there, and another ‘power vortex’, the island of Ibiza in Spain’s Balearics.
I am inspired by nature, colour, beauty and magick. I’ve run a ‘Faery Clothing’ business for the past 25 years, and this has put me in touch with the elements of nature.
My entry is entitled LOTUS ISLAND, and is only my third ever creation in Tilt Brush.
For this work, I visualised a flowing river which leads to an oasis of beauty; a place to stop, rest, meditate, and drink deep. The lotus is a sacred flower and in many cultures, is considered a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.
The journey to this respite can feel long, and the waters choppy, but there is only one way to go……
“Long ago, and far away, a river flows through deep space. If you follow the stream, you will end up in a paradise of full of lush vegetation, strewn flower petals, and a sacred pink lotus pool.”
I used an Oculus Quest to produce this work, which limited me somewhat due to its memory shortage. One day I hope to purchase a more powerful processor.
The only brushes used are ‘oil paint’ and a black ‘marker’, plus a little extra sparkle.
Carli Susu
October 2019

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