Cabel Adams – Heartbreak of the Rodent Kind


In “Heartbreak of the Rodent Kind” I set out to transform something disturbing by conveying emotions to beautify and humanize my piece. When looking at this painting I hope to communicate a strong emotional theme that screams all beings, big or small, creepy or beautiful, posses feelings too. This piece is a much smaller version of the original I made for this event to highlight my new skills as a tiltbrush artist. I spent two to three weeks on the rats alone. Each one is comprised of thousands of individual brush strokes using the coarse bristle brush from the tiltbrush pallet. I felt this brush, when used proficiently, emulates the look of real fur. The course bristle brush was used for the body, eyeballs, ear, hands and feet as well. I used the same technique for the entirety of the rodent bodies, with the exception of the tail, and claws. I shrank myself down to the size of an ant to build the rodents which allowed me ample space to create fine detail for a more realistic look. Many tiltbrush paintings I have viewed are whimsical, fun, happy and cartoony pieces. I wanted to set myself apart by creating a more realistic and edgy experience. In doing this I have found my style. While the full impact is somewhat understated when viewed in Google poly, I think they really stand out as amazingly realistic in comparison to my other works with the fine detail and brushes used.
I felt choosing a smaller area of my original piece show cases a more detailed and central message of my theme. Google Poly has a relatively low file size capacity so I chose to scale down my works for this contest. Ive submitted the core piece of which I think is the most beautiful and important part of this work.

This painting illustrates a sewer rat finding his loved one deceased. I made flowers growing out of the deceased rodent and tears in the living rat to emphasize a correlation between beauty and death.
When viewing please zoom in really close to see the painstaking detail associated with this art piece. While the massive amount of brush strokes makes it hard for google poly to display it looks amazing in tiltbrush and associated videos I am sending. Thank you for your time:)

Cabel Adams, Tiltbrush Artist.

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