This page contains the requirements documentation for this exhibition. The information was originally posted at https://stoutmartech.com/wp/virtually-tilted/ and the Call for Submissions was originally posted at https://stoutmartech.com/wp/virtually-tilted/virtually-tilted-call-for-submissions/

Perceptive Reality Project Presents:

Virtually Tilted.  An Exhibition of Tilt Brush Artistry

“Virtually Tilted. An Exhibition of Tilt Brush Artistry” is a peer reviewed / juried exhibition of Tilt Brush Art and Artistry that will take place in October 2019.  This will be a virtual event where artists can submit Tilt Brush sketches, and works such as videos derived from those sketches, for peer review and exhibition. 

In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be a special edition of the Digital Marketing Technology Research Journal highlighting some of the works from the exhibition.


Perceptive Reality Project

Dr. Kevin W. Tharp

UW-Stout Digital Marketing Technology Program

UW-Stout Communication Technologies Department

Digital Marketing Technology Research Journal


Announce Event: Sept. 24, 2019

Call for Submissions by Sept. 30, 2019 – Submission Form

Final Submissions Required by October 10, 5:00 pm CST.

Peer Review October 11-16

Exhibit Published October 18

General Information

This is a Juried / Peer Reviewed exhibit of Tilt Brush art, or art derived from Tilt Brush Sketches.

This project and its organizers are in no way associated with Tilt Brush, Google, or any of the VR systems that facilitate the use of the Tilt Brush Software.  We would welcome a conversation with any of those entities.

This exhibition is limited to submissions that have not been commercialized or created as a commercial project, and as such the submitter has clear ownership of the copyright and the right to distribute for exhibition / publication. The intent of this is for the exhibition to highlight individuals and their Tilt Brush art. The person submitting may be a commercial artist, but the submission itself needs to have clear copyright that was not created for profit or sold for profit.

The owner of all submissions retains copyright of their submissions and the use of the content of the submissions will be limited to the areas outlined in the submission document including:

  • Publication online as part of the exhibit.
  • Inclusion in social media associated with the exhibit.
  • Some submissions may be selected for inclusion in a special edition of the Digital Marketing Technology Research Journal
  • Marketing of the exhibit or the journal article. The primary means of marketing will be through unpaid social media.

Submission Details

  • If you submit to the exhibition, you MUST be willing to serve as a peer reviewer.  Each person will be asked to do 3 peer reviews.  (see Peer Review Process)
  • Each person may submit only one item for review.
  • All submissions must have originated as a Tilt Brush sketch and the sketch must be published to http://poly.google.com and have visibility set to public.
  • Submission will include:
    • The URL of the Tilt Brush Sketch on Poly (http://poly.google.com ). The Poly URL will be used for the peer review process.
    • If a submission is of something that is derived of a Tilt Brush sketch, such as a video, then the submission needs to also contain a link to a URL where embed code for the video can be obtained. We will be organizing the show through embedded links to the content.  This ensures that the control of the content remains under the control of the artist as it will be hosted under the artist’s accounts in relevant media.
    • You will also need to provide a project description, including a vision statement and noteworthy processes you may have used to create the project (500 words / 3000 character maximum length).  If your work is invited to be part of the special journal edition of the DMTRJ, this will be part of what will be considered for inclusion in the journal.
  • By submitting to this exhibit, you are confirming that you are the originator of the content that you are submitting and that you are the holder of copyright, or have permission from the holder of copyright for any material that you are submitting, in whole or in part to this exhibition.


When you make your submission, you will be asked to self-identify yourself into one of these categories of Tilt Brush artist

  • Novice – A new student of the Art of Tilt Brush
  • Intermediate – Developing a personal style
  • Innovator – I have developed advanced techniques or processes
  • Master – I am good at this and I don’t mind telling you
  • Professional – I make my living with Tilt Brush

Submission Process

All submissions must be submitted digitally via the online form located at https://uwstout.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3rzavMPGiiWsdHT

Review Criteria

These are the areas that your work will be looked at in the review process

·         Use of Virtual Space

·         Brush selection and stroke efficiency

·         Use of color and motion

·         Execution of the Vision of the piece

·         Effectiveness of leveraging the medium/tool

Peer Review Process

If you submit to be a participant in the exhibit, you are agreeing to do a peer review of 3 other submitters.

You MUST complete the review of the 3 peers you are assigned to review by the peer review completion date, or your submission will not be included in the exhibition. If you find that you will not be able to complete the peer review, please let the show director know immediately so they can reassign the submissions you were to review.

This is a blind review, so the person whose work you review will be able to see your feedback but will not see who provided the feedback.

At the close of the submission timeframe, each submission will be assigned an identification number and sent to 3 peer reviewers.  Each reviewer will be sent information necessary to do the reviews of three other submissions. This will include:

  1. The identification numbers
  2. The URL of the sketch on Poly, and if there is an additional URL where a derivative work can be viewed it will be included as well. 
  3. A URL link to a location where the reviewer can access a form to review each work they have been assigned

Because we are using links to Poly and possibly other locations that belong to the person submitting their work to the exhibit, we cannot guarantee a double blind review because the reviewer may be able to determine the identity of the person whose work they are reviewing.

**Director’s Note: To allow for the Director’s work to be a part of this show, it was important to create a sub-process for the peer review that would allow for a blind peer review of the Director’s submission. In the emails sent to the participants, there was an option to provide a peer review of the director’s work. It requested that the participants not include their contact information in the peer review form, but instead submit “Anonymous” for the name and email addresses that were part of the Peer Review Form. The criteria was that if there were at least 3 anonymous submissions, then the integrity of the peer review process will have been upheld and the director could be included in the show as a peer reviewed submission. More than 3 anonymous reviews were submitted.

Peer Reviewer Eligibility

To be eligible to be a peer reviewer, you must have used Tilt Brush to create sketches and be willing to do the review of others who have submitted to the exhibition.

Publication and Distribution

  • An online exhibition of the submissions will be published digitally at the exhibit URL.  This will include:
    • Embedded links to Tilt Brush Sketches via Poly (Submissions must include Sketches posted on http://poly.google.com and be publicly visible to be included in the show.)
    • Embedded links to sites containing media derivative of the submitted sketch, if provided as part of the submission process.
    • The Project Description including vision statement submitted
    • Summary data from Peer Evaluation


Best of Show

As part of the peer review process, each person was able to nominate one person for “Best of Show”. The award for best of show went to the only submission that received 3 / 3 possible votes for best of show. The image below was included at the bottom of the exhibition for the submission winning Best of Show.

Best of Show Award

Director’s Choice Award

In each of the categories (Novice, Intermediate, Innovator, and Professional) the Director got to select one submission to give the Director’s Choice Award. There was no predefined criteria, but it was awarded on the personal preference and considered all of the criteria that were reviewed in the peer review process. No Director’s Choice was given at the Professional level because it would have gone to the Best of Show recipient. The image below was included at the bottom of the exhibition for the submissions winning the award in each category.

Director's Choice


There is no financial cost to participate in this exhibition. This is a strictly volunteer effort exhibition, so as a participant your only cost is the time you invest to create and submit your work, and the time you invest in reviewing your peer’s work.

Liability and Disclaimer

The organizers and partners of this project assume no liability for any harm real or perceived resulting from participation in this exhibition. The publication of this exhibit relies on the presentation of materials otherwise located and accessible digitally on the Internet, and materials submitted by individuals who, by their submission, are agreeing that they hold copyright on the materials submitted. The copyright of all materials remains with the author.

Neither the organizers, partners nor anyone else involved in this exhibit has the authority or permission to obligate the University of Wisconsin-Stout, or any partner or affiliate organizations in any way.